this is the reality of the world that you live in
"Ignorance has prevailed so long only because people do not want to find out the truth."

“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.” — Edward Everett Hale





Cost of a year of undergraduate study in the EU

Welcome to England where we fucking hate young people

My course overall will be £27,000. I will be 22 when I graduate at undergrad level and then it’ll be around 10,000 more per year for overgrad level.

Hahahahahaha and then you have America where my top school is $60,000 a year (although that’s definitely higher than average) or about £36,000. If England hates young people then the US wants to watch us burn alive


Have you heard of Ban Bossy? It’s the new initiative from Lean In and the Girl Scouts that’s trying to ban “bossy” and similar words that are used to bring down girls that are ambitious, take risks, and speak up. By changing the way we treat girls who lead, hopefully our generation will soon see more women in leadership roles. 

You can watch the 1:00 video with Beyonce, Jane Lynch, Condeleeza Rice, and Jennifer Garner here, or visit the Ban Bossy website

The story of Pascualita, the mannequin.

or Little Pascuala is a bridal mannequin that has “lived” in a store window in Chihuahua, Mexico for the past 75 years. That is quite a long time for a bridal gown shop to retain a mannequin, but then the dummy has a rather strange history behind it. According to an urban legend, La Pascualita isn’t a dummy at all, but the perfectly preserved corpse of the previous owner’s daughter.

La Pascualita was first installed in the store window on March 25th, 1930, dressed in a spring-seasonal bridal gown. The effect was instantaneous. People simply could not tear their sight away from this new mannequin, with the wide-set glass eyes, real hair and blushing skin tone. Soon, they realized that the mannequin closely resembled the shop’s owner at the time, Pascuala Esparza. It didn’t take long for them to come to the conclusion that the dummy was in fact the embalmed body of her daughter, who had died recently on her wedding day after being bitten by a Black Widow spider. The daughter’s name has been lost over time, and ‘La Pascualita’ stuck through the years.

Of course, the speculated presence of a corpse must naturally be accompanied by supernatural happenings as well. Several odd incidents have been reported around the dummy, none of which have been confirmed, of course.  It is said that a love-sick French magician would arrive at night and magically bring it to life, taking her out to town. A few others believe that her gaze shifts and follows them around the store. At night, she is also believed to shift positions in the window. These tales are pretty scary, perhaps most of all to the shop workers who have to see Pascualita every single day. The ones to leave the shop last are definitely not a happy lot. The dummy’s outfits are changed twice a week behind closed curtains. Sonia Burciaga, a shop worker says, “Every time I go near Pascualita my hands break out in a sweat. Her hands are very realistic and she even has varicose veins on her legs. I believe she’s a real person.” Now, an account like that coming from a person who has actually changed the mannequin’s clothes seems very believable. Could Pascualita really be a 75-year-old corpse?





"When I got my first cat, it changed me. There is something about holding a cat that makes your anger melt away. And if someone does something that upsets me—I have to remember my cat. I can’t keep my cat if I get into trouble.”

"I asked if Major Cabanaw had concerns for the safety of the cats. “Of course, we always want to ensure the safety of the cats, and the staff is great about keeping an eye out for them. But mostly, it’s the offenders keeping them safe. I have never once seen an offender kill his own cat. We screen them to be sure they have no history of animal abuse. But I’ll tell you this, there was a guy killed in here because he had spit soda pop onto someone else’s cat.”"



  • japan ≠ korea ≠ china
  • pakistan is not in the middle east
  • most muslims aren’t arabs
  • geishas are not prostitutes
  • mexico is a very small part of latin america
  • there are 54 countries in africa
  • china has 56 different ethnic groups and none of them eat chop suey
  • singapore is not part of china
  • most singaporeans speak english as their first language, please don’t ask, “why is your English so good”
❝ What college I want to go to. What career I want. What degree I want. You know what I fucking want? I don’t want any 9-5 job sitting around making money for some fat fuck that owns the company. I don’t want to spend 6 years of my life paying out money to an educational institution so they can cause me stress daily, for a piece of fucking paper that says I’m a master at some sort of bullshit, which then doesn’t even guarantee me a fucking job to keep a fucking roof over my head. I don’t even want a fucking roof over my head. I want the moon and the sun and the stars and the tops of trees to be what I look at when I go to sleep. I want mother earth back and to take a deep breath and smell grass and plants and animals, not the vapor that fumes endlessly from stacks in the sky and the cars that rule the ground. I want to tear down and dismantle the establishment I was born into. I want to protest and scream at the top of my lungs and change everything that is evil and cruel in this world. We are the generation of naivety, they are trying to keep us calm and sedated so we think nothing is wrong and there is nothing we can do, but fuck that shit. I want to give them hell fucking daily, make them wish they were never born and thought up this corrupt fucking system. Make them wish they never fucked with our generation and our planet. I want to do to them what they did to our earth, to our people, to our plants, to our animals, to our children. That’s what I want to be when I grow up. A mother fucking hell raiser. Bitch. ❞

— Hannah Parypa 

  • Non Vegan: Doesn't it bother you that there are so many foods you can't eat?
  • Vegan: Doesn't it bother you that so many innocent lives are taken for your benefit and that billions of animals suffer and exploited for your personal gain?

Chakra Cleaning / Balancing / Healing Bracelet

dharmacrystals on etsy ॐ 

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The 7 small stones represent each Chakra (they are chosen according to each Chakra’s colors, the elements they represent, and the senses associated with them). The one white stone represents the master stone, which can be used in place of any Chakra and any healing.

Both the ancient sages and modern scientists agree that everything in life is formed of vibrations. We are told that vibration is the result of force or energy, concentrated in some mysterious way and caused to vibrate, shake or oscillate at different speeds. The difference between one object and another is ultimately a question of rate of vibration. 

Gemstones and Chakra go hand in hand. As they have for thousands of years. Even the Egyptians believed in Chakras and Gemstone’s Healing Powers.

Chakra is the vibration of life. We have it. Minerals, Crystals and Gemstones have it. Everything has it. We just need to learn how to cultivate that power.

Not only do we have energy fields all around us, but we have them inside of us as well. It’s like a Yin/Yang of opposite balancing forces. Positive and Negative flowing in and out of our bodies. It affects our Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual state of minds.

That’s where Gemstones come into play. They help rebalance our Bodies, Mind and Soul. They help give us energy. They take our inner strength and give us peace, happiness, and harmony when all is aligned. It’s like Acupuncture for our brains. It’s rejuvenating!




Omg look at petas response
Holy shit what the fuck burn them omg

so when we say fuck PETA you know where we’re coming from



Hold no hatred toward the ignorant but rather love and humility in your heart. Remember that once you knew less than you know now, and others know much more than you still. Be humble. Be patient. Be kinder than you feel people deserve. Be gracious. Love abundantly.


Acknowledge the facts

❝ Animals are here with us, not for us. ❞

— Jenny Brown  (via wordsnquotes)





What the actual fuck

Real photo of three guys that will NEVER get laid🌺

What the fuck? Why is it when every time women want to be acknowledged for something, men are all like “boo hoo but what about me?” Seriously grow up the world does not revolve around you.


15 famous landmarks zoomed out tell a different story

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